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White sage, blue sage, sage with herbal blends, and bundled herbs are available here for your smudging and clearing and purification needs. In Native American tradition, sage, cedar and other herbs are used in smudging to remove negative energies from a person, place, or thing. Conversely, certain herbs are helpful in drawing in positive energies. The aroma and energy released while burning these herbs allows us to reach a peaceful and prayerful state.  Intention plays a large role in helping us achieve a positive outcome from the use of smudging herbs. While burning your sage bundle, set an intention for what you want to accomplish. Ask spirit to remove energies that are not compatible with your intention, and quietly make your way through your smudging ceremony.

Our white sage is from California and our blue sage is from Colorado. The only notable difference between our bundled sage is the scent.  Each type of sage will clear your environment equally well. 

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