Bugle - Ox Horn (Polished)

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Size: 80mm by 350mm approx

A traditional noise maker, made from ox horn this bugle is a great addition for any re-enactor.

Our raw supplies are sourced ethically from renewable resources, often recycling a ’waste’ product from the meat industry and as a result preventing it from ending up in landfill. The majority of our finished products are biodegradable and/or recyclable, making a truly ecological product.

Here we will try to explain what each material is and where it comes from:

Cow Horn

Latin Name: Bos Indicus

Source: West Africa

Our domestic cattle, here in the UK, have been selectively bred so they no longer grow horns, this has been done to prevent the cattle from harming one another and consequently damaging the product they are reared for e.g. hide or meat.

We therefore use horn from Ankole Cattle sourced as a by-product of the meat industry in Nigeria.  With more space to roam their horns are left to grow, producing the very large, distinctive horns with both great length and circumference that are ideal for use in hornworking.

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