Jasmine Flowers

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Jasminum ssp.

History and Folklore
Jasmine flowers exude an exotic, sensuous scent that has long been one of the most sought after fragrances among perfumers around the world. Thus, most flowers are collected for essential oil production, but in Asia the fresh and dried flowers are also commonly available and play a great role as religious offerings. in India, the flowers of J. sambac are regarded as sacred, symbolizing innocence and purity of mind. Jasmine flower garlands adorn the temples and holy effigies or are offered to the Gods. At religious festivals the Gods themselves are thought to be present within the flowers. Jasmine flowers are never amiss at wedding ceremonies and women like to entwine a string of flowers with their hair, thus engulfing themselves with this beautiful, most sensuous of natural perfumes. The fragrant Jasmine tea is particularly popular in China.

Magical Uses:
Jasmine can be used for tantric rituals and sacred unions and in love charms. The soothing, calming and sensuous properties act more on the mind, rousing sensuality and open the mind to the divine beauty of all things. Jasmine gives wings to prayers and makes a wonderful offering to the Gods. It helps the practitioner to connect with his purest intentions and highest aspirations.